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Chrome shines in interior dispute

There are huge cost and quality benefits in designing cars with fewer individual interior components to rattle or break, but consumers can overlook these when complaining about a broken part costing a lot to replace.
Written by David Brereton at 00:00

Chrome tough enough for harsh conditions

It's not the chrome that has changed over recent decades, but the substrate and our plating on plastic headlamp bezels for trucks proves the durability is better than ever.
Written by David Brereton at 13:23

Borough in Bavaria

A summary of our trip to Bavaria to discuss automotive interior design and demonstrate the quality of our chrome plated injection moulded components.
Written by David Brereton at 12:42

Chrome plated exhibitionists

Further to another successful time exhibiting at 'Advanced Engineering UK', here's a summary of our experience at this year's event...
Written by David Brereton at 10:06

Modular manufacturing delivers real benefits

Borough has been associated with the automotive industry for over 50 years, during which time the industry has encountered many changes. As the gradual shift in manufacturing becomes more apparent, our business embraces change for continued success...
Written by David Brereton at 14:03

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