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What a difference colour makes to chrome

The colours of cars can have a huge difference on how we perceive them, particularly when a traditionally reserved marque chooses something sporty. And just look at the chrome...
Written by David Brereton at 17:00

The view from the supply chain

When we attended the 'Meet the Buyer' event, organised by the SMMT, we found plenty of optimism for further success in the UK automotive industry and not just from chrome platers of plastic like us.
Written by David Brereton at 16:15

Satin chrome for areas of the car most, er… sat in

To satisfy the curiosity of a few readers, here's a brief explanation of how we achieve a satin chrome finish for interior automotive components, to satisfy growing demand from the world's top car designers.
Written by David Brereton at 00:00

On Reflection: Chrome still shines for top marques

Chrome shines on top marques in the Sunday Times’ Top 100 Cars 2014 list and we're exhibiting at the Automotive Engineering Show 2014, 11-12 November at the NEC.
Written by David Brereton at 00:00

Chroming plating the Borough way

It's plastic all the way these days, but we started by chrome plating metal components and we're happy to pass on some advice to those looking for someone to re-chrome vintage car parts.
Written by David Coombes at 14:20

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